5 ways to lose fat quickly from your thighs

Once in our life, every one of us has to bear the pain of weight gain but it is worst when you gain weight in an area that is stubborn and despite all your efforts do not shred fat. We wonder why is it so difficult to reduce your fat from a specific spot the reason behind it is simple, you cannot. Our body stores fat in all parts, so we have to reduce it from our whole body and then only we can tone that specific spot we needed to in the first place. 

Fat from your thigh is one of those kinds I hate the most; it feels like a lifetime before you get back in shape. But here are some ways you can adapt to lose your thigh fat.


Healthy eating is a key to a healthier life. We have engaged ourselves in a life full of toxins may it be the air or our food. 

Eliminate processed food, refined sugar, and unsaturated fats from your diet for a change. You will not just see changes in your body but also in your mood. Here is HCG phase 2 food list you can enjoy while losing weight.


Try to plan out your meals beforehand so that you do not end up eating anything more or less in your diet. What we do most of the time is eat more and stack up to the calories but what we also do is eat less which makes us crave for unhealthy food and eat more afterward.

There are apps like fitness pal to keep you on track with your calories. Try using an app for better guidance.


Water is the key to a healthy life, and if you omit this one and do every other thing, you will either see late results or no result at all. Water not just make our skin glow but also boost our metabolism. An increased metabolism is all you need for a quick weight loss.

Detox waters have also been proven to work effectively. What I have used is green tea leaves, lemon, cinnamon stick and crushed ginger and it has worked wonders for me.


The primary goal is to burn more fats than you gain and cardio is an answer for this. Jumping rope, running or cycling is best for tuning your thighs and if you are doing light cardio than increase your game to burn out some more fats. Experts suggest giving at least two hours and thirty minutes to a cardio work out for the best results.


As mentioned earlier you can lose your whole body weight and can than tone your thighs. Here is the list of exercises you can do to tone up your legs.

Rear Elevated Split Squat
Up Down Kneeling Squats
Jump Squat
Landmine Reverse Lunge
Landmine Sumo Squat
DumbBell Thruster

Author bio: Michelle Hannan is a nutritionist, and she's on a mission to give you all the information you need to lose weight successfully. She also blogs regularly at https://www.hcgdietinfo.net/