Top 5 tips to find au courant inspiration

Mundane activities in our daily life can have a way to kill that passion we all work hard to keep alight. It is not an easy task to be dedicated and passionate towards the things that we do to make ourselves happy. Therefore, here are a handful of tips to re-illuminate that velvet scented candle called inspiration.

1. Travelling

Travelling is one of the most effective solutions for bringing passion into your life. It doesn't have to be far away. It doesn't have to be costly or tiring. It can simply mean a trip down to the countryside. Travelling and observing people in that particular space will give you some purpose -whether you're a cook or a photographer, a painter or a therapist.

2. Reading

Books, movie scripts, dialogues, essays, newspaper article even restaurant menus are all good sources of reading! Reading can stimulate us as much as an all paid spa treatment and a dinner at an expensive hotel. The tiny bursts of imagination that runs wild through your brain, can really be inspirational.

3. Meeting new people

Another essential element in the making of passion is meeting new people. Go to places which sparks your interest and interact with people with the same passion as yourself. Trust me on this one. Their perspective towards the same thing can be refreshing to your senses as well as make you see the world in various colours! And as the wise men said, where there are colours there are dreams.

4. Rearranging the place you live and work in

Yes, most of you will be claiming how much of a hassle that can be. However, just by moving a few bits of furniture and adding more or less light into the room, can really enlighten the mood and encourage one to work harder.

5. Self-realization

Find who you really are and what you want. Find the true dedication you initially had when you started something. Believe in the power of positive thinking and go. Embrace the stillness and figure out once more why you are who you are. Self-realization can only take you as far as you want to find and realize about your own self.