5 excellent reasons why tourism providers should holiday abroad

Leisure and tourism is a huge denominator within South West England’s economical dynamics, for many welcoming guests is an everyday way of life. Some may live within a business for example a holiday park or eatery where you really do never switch off from the day to day running, always the eventuality of being a representative of the establishment. For several months of the year we hold a pleasant smile, whilst we work hard making lasting memories for those who cross our paths.

As the end of the holiday season approaches many look forward to enjoying some holiday time of their own. Often, we travel abroad as our out of peak season is a cold and usually wet time, soaking up some foreign sunshine away from the stresses of everyday routines.

Whilst none of us like to mention the W word whilst away on holiday, noticing the way other tourism providers operate in different corners of the world is of great benefit to those who work or are proprietors within the industry themselves.

1. Can you improve your product?

Our number one reason must be product improvement, experience how other providers operate, the differences between your offerings. Are they better value? More interesting?

2. Know your competition

With holidaying abroad over staying at home a question for many when booking their annual family holiday. Whilst booking your own trip be sure to compare with your own establishment to experience as a potential guest of your own.

3. New ideas

Take inspiration to inspire new and exciting offerings when you return home. Discover something new your customers will love but more importantly something unique. Offering a niche product or service is a sure-fire way to open new avenues with customers who may not have noticed you otherwise.

4. Customer service

With some countries being renowned for excellent customer service we can all learn by observing and part-taking in this role reversal, whereby you are now the guest as opposed to being the host. Experiencing life on the other side is extremely beneficial when trying to understand your own customer’s requests. We have all heard of the saying “Treat others how we would like to be treated” right?

5. Learning new culture

By enhancing our cultural knowledge whilst on holiday teaches us not only about the many interesting differences but also what it is like to be a guest in another country.

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