Top 5 ways to detect the signs of early depression

This issue we are about to address today has been affecting and taking lives for centuries. And alas, I state it is not a disease without a cure. Depression, a state of low mood (eg. hopelessness, worries, melancholia, etc.) can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings, and sense of well-being. A depressed mood is a normal temporary reaction to life events as simple and inevitable as loss of a loved one. Also, when severe, can affect you physiologically. Here are 5 ways to identify the symptoms of depression.

1. Excessively Sleep Deprived

One of the clear signs that someone is suffering from depression is either they sleep more or less than their usual. Usually it varies depending on the event which has caused the depression to trigger.

2. Irritation

Being already either tired or sleep deprived, that person is bound to act unnatural and in this case, frustrated. Daily chores tend to be a struggle when you feel this irritated. Frustration leads to anger which can be quite harmful for health (eg. high blood pressure, high sugar level, etc).

3. Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is very common in any situation where you feel psychologically under pressure. When depression takes hold you may feel sick and unable to consume any food. You can combat this by getting together with friends and family and having a social meal.

4. Over thinking

When you are low you will spend a lot of time thinking and re-thinking situations.  You may ask yourself "Where did I go wrong?" leading to a gradual downward spiral of hopelessness and sadness. The consequences to this can be as severe as heart attack, brain strokes and even muscle paralysis. To avoid this, the best suggestion is to begin anew. Do things differently. Travel a lot.

5. Loss of Self-respect

This state usually leads one to suicidal thoughts and other health issues. If someone begins to feel as if they're not good enough, the best way to solve it efficiently is by seeking family and friend's help. Let me know what has been bothering you and try to stay occupied with the things that most excites you.

This post was produced by Farzana Morshed Ivee.