Top 5 tips for planning a stress-free holiday

Holidays should be enjoyable, not a stream of stressful situations. You want to make sure that the holiday you booked to Maldives for two weeks takes away the stress of everyday life and not add to it. In this article we have outlined the top 5 tips for planning a stress-free holiday.

1.    Pack well in advance

If you leave packing until the last minute you open yourself up to being a ball of stress by the time you arrive at the airport. You want to ensure you can place your hands on whatever you need in plenty of time – from a hair dryer or clippers through to your passport. You can do this by making a list of what you need then finding that item in whatever room that it lives.

2.       Create plenty of time for yourself

The most stressful times on holiday involve situations where you have left yourself little time to do an important task, like catch a plane. To avoid your stress levels hitting the roof it’s best to leave for the airport in plenty of time. So what if you arrive hours early. You can always fill the time by having a bite to eat or by doing some window shopping.

3.       Research everything

It can be overwhelming visiting a new destination. There’s often so much to do in what is a unfamiliar setting. This can lead to massive levels of stress that’s hard to manage. However, if you research your area you will have a better chance of exploring what the region has to offer.

4.       Plan your journey to the airport

You shouldn’t just book a taxi and hope that the driver will find the quickest and best way to get to the airport. Most people know about their holiday weeks in advance of travelling – so there is no excuse for you not finding the best way to reach your departure airport.

5.       Know the route to your hotel

One way for an argument to start when on holiday is when you are trying to find the hotel in which you are staying, whether that’s a well-known chain  hotel or an Airbnb.  Public transport or subway sections can confound and confuse so knowing where you need to go will save you heaps of stress and time.