5 health and fitness tips you don’t want to miss!

There are many sources of information that you can rely on in the health and fitness world, but there is no undoubtedly reliable group of facts.

These 5 unique tips here are sure to help you achieve your desired results for improving your body composition, and overall health!

1.      Supplement with Dendrobium for Fat Loss

Dendrobium belongs to the orchid family which is native to China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, and many temperate and tropical Asian regions.
It was initially used mainly for Chinese traditional medicines, but recently, it is becoming popular in the development of pre-workout supplements for boosting physical performance.

Many experts are of the view that dendrobium will be the next hot stimulant supplement, and it works synergistically with caffeine to give you an extra boost before your workouts.

Dendrobium comes from natural sources and is generally considered safe, but it is a stimulant so some people need to be careful before using this product.

2.      Use the Single Leg Deadlift to Improve All Athletic Movements

In simple terms, balance can be defined as your ability to maintain your center of gravity, over your base support. For an athlete, balance is vital to improving your ability to move properly and stay healthy.  Similarly, it’s also important for ensuring that everyday activities are easier and safer.
The conventional deadlift and other bilateral movements are excellent for developing total body strength and power, but strength-training machines and exercises which use two legs at the same time don't help as much to help develop your balance as single leg exercises which requires you to balance on just one leg.

The single leg deadlift challenges and improves your balance not only faster, but also more efficiently than any bilateral movement. The single leg deadlift can be used as your predominant leg exercise in a strength training routine, or it can supplement other movements.

3.      Give Battle Rope Training a Try!

Although it is certainly possible for you to burn fat with cardiovascular exercises, resistance training also helps you to build and tone your muscles which will have a much longer lasting effect on your body overall.

When training with battle ropes, you will easily reach your target heart rate and experience the burning feeling in your muscles, which is an indication that they are being worked effectively.
When you engage in battle rope training, you are getting the benefit of running and weight lifting simultaneously!

4.      Train on Sand instead of Pavement or Other Hard Surfaces

When you compare sand exercises to other firmer and traditional training surfaces and venues, sand exercise requires more energy and provides lower impact training stimulus.

In specific terms, sand running needs 1.2-1.6 times the total energy cost of comparable speed on a grass surface, which leads to a remarkably greater amount of muscle activation.

The high absorptive abilities of sand greatly decreases exercise impact forces, which limit the extent of exercise-induced muscle damage, muscle soreness, and other subsequent performance decreases that may occur.

5.      Make Sure Your Body is Properly Flexible to Achieve Maximum Results

Based on the findings of research into the effects of flexibility and the stretch shortening cycle movements, it has been revealed that increased flexibility is related to the overall force protection during stretch shortening cycle movements.

Athletes should be able to generate any necessary movement themselves, which further suggests that for any major improvement in performance, active range of motion rather than passive range of motion should be developed.

A good sprinter must possess sufficient active range of motion in the hip flexors and hamstrings to comfortably achieve full knee lift, and full hip extension.

As an athlete, maintaining necessary levels of flexibility is crucial to performing athletic motions to their maximum ability.