Top 5 Batman writers that you really should know

Batman has been going since the 1930s and there have been hundreds of writers who have written their own stories surrounding the life and times of the famous caped crusader - Batman. The Gotham Archives, a DC and Bat-Family fan made website examines the top 5 Batman writers to have made great stories and a genuine impact of the Batman legacy.

1. Scott Snyder

Starting off with Black Mirror and the return of James Gordon Jr. before going full steam ahead with the entire Batman New 52 which included the critically acclaimed Court of the Owls, Death of the Family and Zero Year story arcs, Scott Snyder created a brand new legacy for the modern age Dark Knight with deep, intriguing storylines backed up with incredible art by Greg Capullo et al.

Highlights are Vol 1. Court of Owls and Zero Year - Dark City.

2. Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison is the architect for some of the greatest Batman storylines ever told. Not written in succession but a part of an unofficial collection - the Grant Morrison written Batman books are some of the most exciting you’ll ever likely read. Highlights include R.I.P. and the Batman & Robin trilogy.

Highlights are Batman R.I.P and Batman Reborn

3. Chuck Dixon

Chuck Dixon is one of the longest serving writers ever and the creator of some of the most famous storylines and characters in the Bat universe such as Bane and Stephanie Brown (who later became Batgirl). If you’re a fan of Batman chances are you will have read at least one Chuck Dixon book.

Chuck Dixon is known for consistency over a great many number of books over a number of years.

Highlights are Batman: No Man’s Land

4. Frank Miller

One of the most celebrated and controversial Batman writers of all time is Frank Miller, the mastermind behind The Dark Knight Returns collection. Bold, brave and supremely talented; Frank Miller is regarded as one of the few writers who truly get both Batman and Bruce Wayne as characters.

Highlights are the Dark Knight Returns and Dark Knight Strikes Again

5. Alan Moore

Alan Moore is the genius behind Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The Killing Joke. Highly artistic and one of bravest writers out there. In Killing Joke Alan Moore was the one responsible for famously paralysing Barbara Gordon at the hands of the Joker. Moore is also regarded as someone who has inspired many other comic writers to take up the pen and pad.

Highlights are The Killing Joke