5 basic car maintenance tasks you can do yourself

There’s no mistake, maintaining and driving a car can be very costly. Rather than replacing your car once problems occur, regularly servicing of your vehicle can save you lots of cash in the long run. Usually most repairs should be left to the experts, however there are some quick fixes you can do yourself which you can find listed below.

1. Inspect your tyres

For your safety tyres should be inspected regularly. Checking they are in a good condition and suitably inflated should be a top priority for you when it comes to basic car maintenance. You should inspect them every month checking for any cracks, wear or any sign of damage at all.

2. Wax and wash your car

One of the best ways to keep your car looking good is to regularly clean and wax it as dirt and residue can damage the condition of the exterior. When you clean your vehicle like this you will also have the opportunity to get a good look at any potential scratches or dents that might be there. Be sure to wash your car with a solution specifically designed for washing your car.

3. Replace wiper blades

If your windscreen wipers make a lot of noise or leave streaks then it may be time top replace them. You car manual will give you more information on your wipers including the exact type of wipers that you need to buy for your vehicle.

4. Touch up any paint chips or scratches

If you have identified scratches or chips that are quite small in size, then a good touch up paint should do the trick. There are many tools for the job shop around and do your research to ensure you’ve got everything you need to do the job right.

5. Address minor windscreen chips

You can buy a full kit to address minor cracks and the job typically takes up to an hour to complete. You may not be able to fix all of the cracks but at least you will have the chance top stop the damage from growing into a bigger problem.