5 ways to help develop a positive mindset

When life throws a curveball at you, in more ways than one, you can either choose to get up and fight or go down the drain, never to rise up again. When you think, you are a lost cause, lost track of time, have no idea how the world sees you, well you could do a Rocky on yourself. Rocky the iconic movie character, would never back away from a fight, even if the odds were stacked against him. Here’s how to channelize your inner Rocky, through these 5 simple steps (not so easy trust me, but it’s going to be worth it, at the end).

1.     Work out

Working out is not only good for the body, but apparently mind and soul as well. It inculcates discipline, dedication and does a world of good for your confidence. After the initial hardship, you can’t help but notice how people are acknowledging you and the opposite sex are trying to steal a glance. The best part is from being a relative unknown you become the “hot topic” everybody would like to discuss. Some might even go out of their way to ask you the reason behind your exercise spree and you can confidently inspire them with your story.

2.     Diet

You are basically what you eat and should be mindful of what you subject your body to. Smoking and drinking can cause irreparable damage and should be stopped before the point of no return. There are so many diets out there. Once you find what works, stick to it as if your life depended on it. The diet plus workout heals from within which leaves you feeling good from inside as well as outside.

3.     Music

This might come as a surprise, but the healing powers of music are well documented and there’s a music genre to compliment every conceivable notion or mood known to man.

4.     Practice positive thinking

Being around with all things positive, rubs off positivity onto you and you can be the beacon of positivity, bringing light and everything nice to all around you. Life becomes a full circle, as a matter of sorts. We are all here for a purpose and if it means bringing a positive change, then so be it.

5.     Watch the TV sitcom Friends

On a lighter note, if nothing brings sanity to your otherwise insane life, watch the TV show Friends. If this doesn’t lift your mood, then nothing ever will!

This article was produced by Jobi Joshi.