5 things to consider when going on a golfing holiday

A well planned golfing holiday brings a high level of satisfaction to you as a travelling golfer. This article looks into the various essentials every golf player on the move needs. 

1. Finances

The amount of money you carry around in your purse or wallet is entirely up to you. However, did you know that if you avoid carrying spare change you end up tipping off the club cleaners or the golf cart girls with a lot more than you would like? This should encourage you to consider carrying change. Also, exchange money at your local bank if you intend to travel internationally. You will to a large extent avoid being charged extra when exchanging money at any overseas hotel or the airport.

2. Weather conditions

Umbrellas, rain gear and gloves are items you can never afford to leave behind. The weather is unpredictable, so planning ahead is essential. In addition to that, if you have sensitive skin and it is sunny weather then you need your sunscreen and sunglasses for your eyes. It’s important to be comfortable at the golf course. 

3. Electronics

As much as your main goal is golfing, you obviously need to keep in touch with your friends and family, colleagues at work or business partners, if you are a business person. You will also need to capture the moments for future memories. Some golf travels are a once in a lifetime opportunity that you will always want to remember. For this reason, you will need to pack your camera phone to get lots of good pictures. Do not forget to carry your phone charger if you are going abroad, or your car charger for your local golf travels, if you want to avoid having all your gadgets dying out during the golf vacation. 

4. Disposable clothes and party wear

Who said that you can’t have fun during your travels? You could go on a nice dinner at a great restaurant or go swimming after long hours of golfing to relax your body. You will definitely not need your golf attire for these activities. You need an extra pair of dress shoes or heels, a dress or suit and your swimming suit. 

5. Business Cards

Do not get caught up in the moment and forget to carry your business cards with you. You might meet great potential future clients. Who knows? It could be your moment of glory. It could be a good chance to showcase what you got and elevate your business to higher places. Therefore as you focus on having fun at the golf course, remember you can also pick up some awesome business contacts. 

This article was produced by Yvonne Kendi