Top 5 ways to promote your business online for free

The internet is a great place to talk about and promote your business services. Every a very small business can have a global reach by having a presence online. But to be noticed you need to drive traffic to your website. Below are the 5 top ways to promote you business online for free.

     1.Get on social media

There are a number of social media networks that your business can take advantage of and the best thing about it is that they are totally free. Having a steady stream of messages will help raise awareness of what your business is up to.  Be sure to post a good mixture of content. Post content that offers value and try and steer away from being too overly promotional.

2. Set up a blog

There are over 70 million bloggers worldwide – so why not get involved in this effective worldwide phenomenon? By publishing a few interesting articles relating to your area of business each week you will inform potentially interested customers of your services.  

3. Direct email campaign
Before anyone signs up for your newsletter service you can set up specific fields in your sign form that captures useful information. You can then take this information for targeted messages. This messages can include promotions, competitions and interesting and informative use about your company.  

4. Article directories

Submitting any articles that you write to article directories are a great way to give them more exposure. These articles will also be indexed by Google, giving you more search visibility online and will also be included in RSS feeds.

5. Forums

Online forums are a great place to hang and knowledge share with people who have the same interests and passions as you know. As a small business owner you can help fulfil the needs of people who need your services.